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About us

Real Estes


We are an architectural firm based in Bangkok, Thailand. We provide complete design services for architecture, interior, and real estate development with a modern minimalistic approach. 

Our ultimate goal besides providing a well-thought design is to reassure your hassle-free design experience. With 3 key advantages provided, ensuring you get the dreamed design with ease. 

  • 1 - stop service

  • Immersive Experience

  • Attention to detail

Our Design Process

Believed that ‘Life is Beautiful’, Charm Real Estes Company Limited is driven by a passion to create the ‘Master Crafts of Living’ for our precious clients with creativity and profession.
More than 10 years of success, Charm Real Estes Co., Ltd. is one of the leading interior design and decoration company in Thailand, the land of smile, since 2012.

It was the year that the founder and Executive Director of Charm Real Estes Co., Ltd., realized that the interior design and decoration firm at that time was struggled from the unacceptable quality and long range delayed. We decided to establish the company with the aims to be the very first professional interior studio in Thailand.
Our Design Process
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